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Shooting the War
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The Second World War may be long over, but the images remain... This is World War Two like you ve never seen it before through the eyes of ordinary British and German people as they experienced it; through the lenses of their home movie cameras. Some of these amateur film enthusiasts were soldiers who took their cameras to the front line and filmed men at war; others who stayed at home recorded everyday life on the home front. Juxtaposed with the punishing but monotonous grind of life on the home front, in the barracks and in the front line, the real horror of war is encapsulated on a visceral level, from a uniquely human perspective. The Men The films of four men who chose to shoot film, as well as at the enemy, on the Western and Eastern fronts, in the battle of Stalingrad and even the D-Day landings. Their footage of friends, enemies and POWs capture both the humanity and inhumanity of war... The Women Films from either side of the divide describe the lot of women embroiled in war as workers, mothers and, for the first time, fighters and capture the utter destitution of the struggle to survive in the aftermath of raids from the RAF and Luftwaffe blitzkrieg ... The Children What the children experienced is captured in films shot by parents, friends and school teachers. Those looking back through the films of their childhood recall the impact of Hitler on them: the evacuations; the terror of the Jewish children; and the sorrow of post-war poverty as their parents were forced to sell even their toys....for bread. These remarkable amateur films and the stories of the fighting men, women and children in them, take us into the heart of the wartime experiences of ordinary people and show us how they survived these extraordinary times

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